Regenerative Territorial Metabolism

Regenerative Territories

For a regenerative management of a territory it is important to have a sound understanding of its water, energy, carbon and nutrient cycles as well as the corresponding resources and the interactions between these cycles. An important and often ignored part of these cycles and resources develops underground.

We offer to territories’ managers or developers a thorough understanding of these cycles that they can use to define low carbon regenerative strategic plans.

This applies to all type of territories

  • Public or private
  • With urban, mining, hydrocarbon extraction, industrial, transportation, infrastructure, agricultural or agroforestry activities

And to such functions as:

  • insuring the necessary supply of water, energy and raw materials
  • supplying the energy from low carbon sources such as renewables or hydrogen
  • maintaining or improving the water quality in lakes, rivers, aquifers and in the sea
  • mitigating climate and natural geohazard risks (landslides, earthquakes, volcanic, etc..)
  • converting land use: from/to industrial to agricultural, natural to urban



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