Regenerative Territorial Metabolism


EOSYS is an independent and privately owned geoscience company created in 1993 in France and working on projects worldwide.

Currently it has two main focuses:

  • Pioneering the commercial development of Natural Hydrogen Resources.
  • Working along with territories in order to design Regenerative Development Strategies by assessing their natural water, energy and carbon metabolism

Other activities consist in:

  • Assisting extractive industries, mainly hydrocarbon and mining, in achieving their transition into a low carbon world regenerating its ecosystems
  • Bringing its expertise to various investors and industrial groups towards a regenerative management  of groundwater and geothermal resources


These services rest on a unique experience acquired while being at the forefront of the geosciences technologies since 1993:

    • In the years 2010’s EOSYS, discovered significant gold, silver and copper resources in Mexico for private investors. This was made possible thanks to the assistance of geologists of the renowned french Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie (ENSG) with whom the company pioneered the use of portable X-Ray technologies in mining exploration geochemistry. Download brochure.
    • In the years 2000’s, EOSYS pioneered the use of Shallow Reflection Seismics for surveying near surface structures thanks to the integration of a team and equipment formerly part of the French Research Institution IFPEN (Institut Francais du Petrole et des Energies Nouvelles). Download paper
    • In the years 1990’s EOSYS pioneered in association with the US company Dynamic Graphics Inc. the use of 3D Geological Models and methodologies for hydrocarbon exploration and development, groundwater management and underground works. Download paper